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Testing Wolffepack on the slopes

Posted by David Wolffe on

As a family, we love our skiing. It has been a wonderful holiday that we've been lucky enough to repeat every year for the last few years. 
The snow record in Europe has been a bit variable, but most of the time has been really good, especially in the higher resorts. That's been great for us because we've enjoyed skiing later in the season when the slopes are a bit emptier, and the weather is sunnier.
This year it was off to Chatel in France, and a naturally a great opportunity to try out the Wolffepack Escape on the pistes. There's always stuff to carry (water, sunscreen, book, snacks, camera, etc) and getting access to it when you're all strapped up can be frustrating and inconvenient. Or taking the pack off to get onto a ski lift can be annoying, or if you keep it on it's an uncomfortable ride perched on the edge of the seat overlooking the valley.
We took the pre-production sample of the Escape to see how it looked and felt in all those skiing situations. It was a pleasure to use and really delivered on its promises of better access and more comfort.
Our skiing instructor clocked it immediately and was knocked out with the innovation. 
I regularly get emails from friends who echo the frustration of conventional packs on the slopes. We've had a number of suggestions about getting the pack in the hands of some ski school instructors. I was recently approached by a young British Champion freestyle skier, interested in Wolffepack too.
It feels like we have loads of potential in the snow and I can't wait until we get finished product out there!

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