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En route to Kickstarter

Posted by David Wolffe on

Before embarking on a new adventure, whether that is travelling, a new job, having a child, launching a new project, starting a new business, it is impossible to fully understand the nature of the challenges ahead. That's just the way it is, and it is part of the excitement, the discovery. This past week has been all about getting to the vital first step on the way to our Kickstarter campaign, planned for the end of October. A key part of the preparation is having the website fully operational and populated with wolffepack content, which is so simple to write and so dag-nabbed much tougher to do. That's where, on the basis of the new experience of the last week, I humbly take my hat off to the experts who take great photos and edit them, who plan and executive videos and cut them elegantly, who code web pages to do what you want. We've been taking all the raw content of the recent shoot day, and crafting it into the right form to go into the website so that we can start to tell the full story. Raw photos need to be downloaded, cropped, edited, resized, reloaded to look right. Thanks Jason Alden for some cracking pictures. Video needs to be shot, re-shot, graded, cut, topped and tailed with music, captions, synchronicity. Great skills and thanks to Paul Wilkinson. And the website needs to present responsively to all devices, be flexible enough to serve the business and a pernickety client. Thanks Emma-Jean and the team at Shopifybuilder. I did not imagine how time-consuming and detailed all this needs to be, but at the same time as we near the moment the password-protect comes off the website I didn't imagine the almost unbearable sense of anticipation and excitement. What is the next week going to bring? I can't wait!

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